A place to celebrate ooner-spisms. Named after Reverend W.A. Spooner, (1844-1930) who was Dean and Warden of New College in Oxford, England. He is said to have frequently made these slerbal vips.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


One word -- Fudruckers.
A good place for blamhergers. But in our family we just call it "that place where you can get blamhergers."

Spoonerism of the day:
"Thy Lord is a shoving leopard, thy shalt not want."


Blogger Natty said...

I love the idea of this blog!!! My friends and I used to do this to our names when we were little:

I was Rattly Knees, my sister Carma turned into Amrac, which later became Amtrack. She once made a craft in preschool out of an upside-down half of an egg carton. She proudly informed us it was a "calipitter." We had a friend we called Pissy Monko, and we would bust into hysterical giggles whenever a trire f**k went by. I produced that one entirely by mistake while playing the letter switching game at the age of 5. And since we were so promptly and sternly told we should never say that again, of course, we said it as often as possible in any number of clandestine ways. And still do! ;-)

12:32 PM

Blogger elias said...

fats thunny!

5:02 PM


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