A place to celebrate ooner-spisms. Named after Reverend W.A. Spooner, (1844-1930) who was Dean and Warden of New College in Oxford, England. He is said to have frequently made these slerbal vips.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Game: What did Spooner sean to may?

Dr. Spooner found himself in quite a situation when he was invited to a very formal occasion in England, at which it was necessary for people to appear in pairs. Mrs Spooner, however, felt ill and wasn't able to go. Dr Spooner found someone else to go with him. As he greeted his hostess, he said, "Oh good evening, Mrs Wellsley. I'm so pleased to be here. And you will be pleased to learn that because of my wife's illness, I have seduced a prostitute."

What did Spooner sean to may?
Please respond, class, in complete sentences.
You have as many minutes as you wish. Answer below.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I have produced a substitute." ?

12:26 PM

Blogger see-through faith said...

good one this :) only just found this blog. My FIL loves twisting words in Finnish. Cracks us up. He must be related to Rev Spooner - or Mr Bean :)

7:03 AM

Blogger Dankin Dwordle said...

What is a seditute?

1:58 AM


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